3 Fundamental Stretching Exercises You Should Know

These days when it comes to stretching and exercise there are what seems like an unlimited amount of exercises and stretches which can be performed on a daily basis. While performing these stretches and exercises they can help you become more flexible, increase mobility and even reduce muscle/ joint pain. However, with all these different choices it can become quite difficult to know which ones are best to perform. Now of course if you have a particular part of your body which you want to develop or focus on then you can do various stretches and exercises for that particular body part. Having said that, if you’re looking for stretches and exercises which can help your entire body the following are a few which are particularly important to perform.

Here are 3 essential stretches you need to know:

Side Bend

This kind of stretch is going to fully stretch your abdomen, back, lateral muscles and also your hip area. Start off the stretching from a standing up position with your feet in line with your shoulders. Reach both hands above top of your head and press the palms of your hands with each other as high as you are able to reach. Take a deep breath in and then pull your spinal column as straight and tall as you possibly can manage. As you let out your breath, bend your whole body towards the right to enable you to experience the stretch throughout your arm as well as, down your left side. Make sure you maintain a good form by maintaining your arms and upper body in the same position. Keep the pose for one minute, maintaining deep breathing all the way through. Then simply, return to an upright position as you breathe out and do exactly the same thing on the left. While not being quite as effective, this kind of stretching may also be carried out from a seat.

Chest Opener

Chest OpenerThe following stretch concentrates on your upper body, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Start off from a standing upright or alternatively a sitting position. Then simply, reach your arms in back of your head, clasping both of your hands in the back of your head. As you take a deep breath in, lift your chest as you draw your elbows back and keep your hands anchored in back of your head. Loosen up your position just a bit as you let out your breath, then continue to stretch out your upper body and arm muscle groups even more with every single subsequent breath. It is best to maintain this pose for 10 slow breaths or simply one minute.

Quad Stretch

Work with this type of stretch to increase range of motion within your knees and also to loosen up your quadriceps. Whilst standing upright, lift up your right foot up and take hold of it using your right hand along at the ankle joint. Carefully pull your heel to your gluteus muscle until you can truly feel the stretch in the front of your leg. Continue to keep the knees as close to one another as you keep the pose for 1 minute. Once you finish doing one side, you can try exactly the same thing while using the left leg. This kind of pose can only be performed whilst standing up. If you happen to be concerned about keeping a sense of balance during this kind of stretch, you may hold onto a solid furniture piece or perhaps use a sturdy vertical structure to help you steady yourself whilst executing this vital stretch. By doing these types of fundamental stretching exercises every single day, you are going to promptly observe positive changes in these areas of the body with regards to overall flexibility as well as, your mobility.