Five Tips to Improve Stability for Senior Citizens

For our older folks as well as our senior citizens stability is a major concern. Having proper stability is a major concern for the simple fact that if you aren’t able to maintain your balance well, your chances of falling and hurting yourself are greatly heightened. For senior citizens in particular falling down is very dangerous because of weaker bones and joints. Serious injuries are likely to happen, however there are number of things that older folks/seniors can do to improve their overall stability and balance.

The following are 5 ways to improve stability for a senior:

  1. Balance Exercises

One of the best ways to improve your stability at any age is to routinely engage in what is known as balance exercises. There are many types of balance exercises you can choose from fortunately which will help you strengthen the correct muscles so you can walk with much more stability and confidence. Now some of these balance exercises will require you to use numerous pieces of equipment such as balance balls and dumbbells, however there are plenty of exercises which do not require anything other than your own body. Therefore, it is relatively easy to do various balance exercises no matter where you are or your age.

  1. Stretching Exercises

Another type of exercise that you can utilize to improve your stability are known as stretching exercises. Stretching exercises help greatly to increase the range of motion of your joints which in turn can ease the discomfort and pain of arthritis. Consequently, this can help stabilize your joints which will improve your overall stability. Just like balance exercises as mentioned before there are plenty of exercises that you can perform which do not require any type of exercise equipment at all.

  1. Activity

The old adage that “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” holds true with regards to just how physically active you are. If you wish to preserve and actually make improvements to your stability, you have to stay active and keep making use of your entire body. This activity will benefit you in more ways than simply improving upon stability. Remaining active as a senior citizen may also assist you to avoid common medical ailments that the aging population frequently deal with such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. Should you be overweight, getting more physically active will assist you to drop a few pounds which will improve your overall health and fitness condition.

  1. Good Shoes

Many people do not realize what a good fitting pair of shoes can do for not just for your comfort but also stability. As a matter of fact, the right fitting pair of shoes can make the critical difference between walking at ease and possibly tripping just by making a simple trip from your couch to the master bedroom. Well-fitting shoes provide stability because they supply you with a flat surface to walk on properly and a good amount of cushion so you have some extra room for error as you place your foot down. Additionally, good fitting shoes helps a wearer to walk around in a comfortable manner which significantly decreases foot, knee, hip and even back pain related with poor foot support. Poor foot support is highly detrimental to your stability and comfort, great effort should be taken while choosing your shoes/sneakers.

  1. Walking Aids

adult walkersWalking aids are quite instrumental to elderly people with equilibrium difficulties. Ask your own personal healthcare professional if a walking aid is required in your current situation, it might just help to improve your balance considerably. Your medical professional will be able to prescribe you the proper amount of assistance with regards to mobility aids such as adult walkers. For number of people these types of mobility aids are only short-term help which often can improve steadiness by enabling you to become more active as you build-up parts of your muscles in order to walk unsupported, unaided once again. The end goal would be to be able to get around without any type of walking aid at all. If you’re a senior citizen and worried about your balance, then get started on following these recommendations today to be able to continue to keep enjoying your life!